Magen David Adom UK hosted a dinner with Shai Abramson, the world renowned Chief Cantor of the Israel Defence Forces and an MDA volunteer medic.

The fundraising event was held in support of the lifesaving work of Magen David Adom in Israel and the £30,000 raised will go towards a much-needed new MDA ambulance.

MDA UK Vice President, Judy Saphra, and Adrian Jacobs organised the dinner, which took place at The Pillar Hotel on 6th June.

Guest speaker, Fleur Hassan-Nahoum, Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem, addressed the attendees, sharing her pride in being associated with Magen David Adom.

As Jews, the highest value there is, is Pikuach Nefesh – saving a life. And there’s not one organisation that you can point to that saves more lives day-to-day than Magen David Adom. Blood is blood. It doesn’t matter where you come from, which part of the country you come from – If you are Jewish, if you are not Jewish, the volunteers help the people who need the help – you are all saving lives.”


Shai Abramson, Judy Saphra, Fleur Hassan- Nahoum, Daniel Burger, Adrian Jacobs. Credit: Yakir Zur

The dinner concluded with a spectacular performance by Cantor Abramson, as he serenaded the guests with his emotive and powerful voice, whilst sharing stories and personal pride in his time as a MDA volunteer.

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