Medical Equipment
Magen David Adom faces life-threatening situations including heart attacks, every day. Every ambulance is fitted with defibrillators costing between £3000 and £11,500 per unit. Without this essential equipment, many more lives would be lost. We also rely on thousands of items of disposable medical equipment every day, costing a staggering £2,500,000 per year. These are constantly needed due to the huge number of daily emergencies and mass-casualty situations.

Life Saving Training
Staff development is essential. In Israel it is compulsory to receive first aid training from the age of 14 and indeed many volunteers join Magen David Adom at this age. As they enter adulthood and grow with the organisation, it is vital that they receive constant training. Our training schemes have an annual cost of over £500,000.

Global Positioning System (GPS)
This revolutionary system allows our dispatchers to see the live location of every ambulance, 24 hours a day, enabling us to be on the scene within minutes and to save more lives. The maintenance costs for this system are £250,000 per year.

Ambulance Stations
Our stations across Israel constantly need upgrading and relocating to both improve out-of-date facilities and be best positioned to avoid traffic congestion.

The Blood Service
We are committed to delivering the safest procedures to the people of Israel. Specialist equipment is required for use in bloodmobiles and donor rooms, to improve volunteer donor safety and collection procedures. Each year, we distribute over 300,000 units of blood via blood bags that cost over £3,500,000.

The National Blood & Logistics Centre
Magen David Adom is approaching completion of its most ambitious project to date, a state-of-the-art blood and logistics centre, being funded by a three-way partnership between MDA UK, the Government of Israel, and the American Friends of MDA, at a total cost of £90m. The centre has been under construction for five years and will be completed in 2021. This project is vital for the wellbeing of Israel today and in the future, as it will guarantee Israel’s blood supply in the face of rapid population growth, the on-going threat of terrorism, and the increasingly complex risks of cyber-attack. 


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Medical equipment we need
Three bed Bloodmobile £250,000
Team Bloodmobile £135,000
4×4 Standard Ambulance £80,000
Mobile Intensive Care Unit (MICU) or Paramedic Supervisor SUV £75,000
Standard Ambulance £62,500
Dedicated room in the new National Blood & Logistics Centre £20,000
Dedicated room in a Station £62,500
MICU Defibrillator £17,000
Street Defibrillator £5000
MICU GPS Satellite System & Computer £3000
Standard Defibrillator £2000
Mezuzah in the new National Blood & Logistics Centre £1800
Advanced Life Saving Kit £1000
Ambu Rescue-Pump £500
Emergency Stretcher £250
Medical Trauma Kit £100
Sterile Bandages (40) £50
Oxygen Masks (40) £25

Together we can save more lives.












Every year Magen David Adom collects and supplies 300,000 units of blood for the people of Israel, with one of the most advanced blood services in the world. Our mobile units visit schools, community centres, army bases and workplaces.

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Magen David Adom’s fleet of 1,716 Ambulances, Mobile Intensive Care Units and Medicycles are stationed at 168 stations all over Israel.

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Magen David Adom responds to over 800,000 calls every year, saving thousands of lives.

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Magen David Adom is officially recognised by the International Committee of the Red Cross as the national aid society of Israel.

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