Shalom to you all from my home in Israel –  Tobi Lovv

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Can I start by saying as someone living in the Land it comforts me to know of the special place Israel holds in your heart during these challenging days. I know you are following the situation on ground and I know you are praying and keeping Israel in your mind and on your thoughts.

In the early part of May this year I visited the UK on a 4-day trip hosted by our lovely partners at MDA UK. This UK trip was quite an experience for me, being my first to the UK since October 7th. The atmosphere felt unusual, calm but unusual with a sense of uncertainty among the Jewish and Christian communities. I have to say something that really  caught my attention was the troubling normalization of concealing one’s identity. It was disheartening to learn that in the first weeks following Oct.7th in various parts of the UK, individuals are cautioned against wearing symbols that suggest a Jewish affiliation.

In a world flooded with information, there are disparities in truth.

To be candid, the situation in Israel and beyond is quite complex. However, after this visit, it has become evident to me that Israel must enhance its advocacy efforts. Essentially, there is a need to re-educate an entire generation.
Living in an era where information is abundant, it’s surprising that one community is inundated with excess information while the other lacks enough to support its pro-Israel stance during times of conflict.
Since October 7th, Israel has been grappling with challenges related to its public perception in the United Kingdom. At times, it can be overwhelming to stay abreast of all ongoing developments.

 However, there’s an Organization making a significant but understated impact- Magen David Adom. In a recent interview with a Nigerian Christian UK based TV network, who by the way boasts of viewership of 2 Billion people worldwide , I spoke on the one aspect I perceive as the main core value of this organization- and that is compassion.  


Many of our readers who know this organization are so compelled and moved by its compassion in its core activities and they’ve in turn become ardent supporters of this movement.

But nonetheless in every one of my meetings and during my discussions with Christian leaders, the recurring theme was the urgent need for more information.

As I always say, missed opportunities often stem from a lack of information, whether in access to or utilization of.

-SO if it is information that you seek, here is some:

– Magen David Adom (MDA) is Israel’s ONLY national emergency medical, disaster response, ambulance and blood service. The literal meaning translates to “Red Shield of David,” but the symbol is more frequently called the “Red Star of David” in many languages.

– MDA is an official member of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and is the national red cross society of Israel. It is staffed by a combination of professional paramedics, emergency medical technicians, and volunteers from all walks of Israeli society. And it is equipped with a fleet of ambulances, mobile intensive care units, and emergency response vehicles.

– MDA has a fleet of 1700+ ambulances and 300,000 units of blood that serves ALL of Israel. 

– MDA now runs the largest underground blood center in the world that serves ALL of Israel 


MDA UK is the British arm of Magen David Adom. They are a part of the global network of supporters that ensures MDA Israel can respond effectively to emergencies and disasters.

MDA UK is involved in fundraising efforts to provide MDA in Israel with necessary medical supplies, vehicles, and infrastructure. MDA UK is engaged in educational and awareness campaigns to promote understanding of MDA’s work and humanitarian efforts.

MDA UK runs highly engaging informative sessions, where it brings in paramedics and EMT’s to speak to large groups, often going on nation-wide tours- Leeds, Manchester, London, Sheffield,Glasgow to mention a few. 

MDA UK is present on 5 Social Media platforms – LinkedIn, X, Facebook, TikTok and Instagram with a growing online following. 


MDA since October 7th 

– SInce Oct. 7th, over 20 paramedics/ MDA personnel were attacked and killed 

– Discovered on the person of a Hamas terrorist were plans to infiltrate and attack an MDA station in the south of Israel

– MDA ambulances were shot at, torched and  even burned 

– MDA ambulances treated and evacuated Hamas terrorists alongside victims. Because a life is a life and MDA values holds. 

– MDA is fully prepared with enough blood  for everyone in Israel , again emphasis *EVERYONE regardless of ethnicity or gender or religious affiliation. 

Moreover, MDA UK regularly holds mission trips to Israel and on a recent solidarity trip it welcomed a vibrant Jewish and Christian group whose experience is so heartwarming , I wrote all about it here. Having said all that sometimes just having the information is not enough, it is what you do with it that counts, and if you know me you know that I believe in being practical, so if you’re finding it challenging to show support for Israel, here are some straightforward steps you can take today:

  • Familiarize yourself with MDA and MDA UK, including their activities since October 7th, through their website and social Media pages
  • If you are in the UK and part of a Christian community, reach out to MDA UK to learn more about their internal activities.
  • MDA UK often hosts Israeli paramedics who share their stories – sign up to attend one of these sessions in your area. 
  • If you are a church leader, consider inviting us to speak to your congregation.
  • For a more tangible contribution, consider making a donation either individually or on behalf of your church. You can contribute helmets at £250, bulletproof vests at £750, and even towards ambulances.Here is a link for that.  If you have more in mind, we are here to assist with whatever is on your mind.

Since Oct. 7th, we’ve witnessed heightened levels of aggression towards Jews, the likes which we haven’t seen since the Holocaust. And while we never thought the day will come again it is here. 

Here’s some good news

If you’ve reached the end of this article and started contacting MDA UK, we are confident of a victorious outcome! You now not only possess information but have also taken the crucial step of putting it into action.

On this note, on Saturday the 9th, Israeli personnel, in a daring and dangerous operation were able to rescue and release 4 hostages kidnapped on October 7th from the Nova Festival- Noa Argamani, Almog Meir, Andrei Kozlov and Shlomi Ziv.

We are praying that more families will be reunited with their loved ones and wait for the safe return of all 120 hostages

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On a positive note, despite the situation, our Christians partners remain kind and thoughtful and it is so heartwarming to have you supporting us in prayer and in mobilization.

These are not easy times, but they are made easier with loyal friends.

I would love to hear more of your challenges and experiences and together we can create solidarity and progress and deep friendships.

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A link to my recent interview at LoveWorld UK- Click Here