Jewish News Supplement 2019


The Magen David Adom’s Sea-Bulance was innaugrated last week and began operations
The Sea-Bulance, the first of its kind in Israel, joined the fleet of Magen David Adom rescue vehicles last week and has already provided medical treatment for those injured in the Sea of ​​Galilee. The Sea-Bulance at Sea of ​​Galilee enables medical treatment within the water itself, including in cases of drowning.
The Magen David Adom’ Sea-Bulance, which was innaugurated last week at the Kinneret, has already been able to assist the sick and injured. Those treated include a man who suffered a severe allergic reaction, a man who felt unwell, a wind surfer who was in distress while surfing, and a young woman who was injured during a cruise in the Sea of ​​Galilee.
In addition, the Sea-Bulance boat assisted in the rescue of a grandfather and his grandchildren, who were stuck in the heart of the Sea of Gallilee due to a technical malfunction in their boat.
The Magen David Adom Sea-Bulance enables the MDA medics paramedics to arrive with advanced medical equipment to patients while they are still in the waters of Lake Kinneret, thus saving critical minutes, versus cases where the injured person receives medical treatment only when he reaches the shore, The MDA teams on the Sea-Bulance provide a quick response to medical emergencies on the shore of the Sea of ​​Galilee, arriving quickly through the sea.
Last summer MDA medics and paramedics treated a hundred and sixty-two people who had been rescued from the sea on beaches around the country, including seven who drowned on the shores of the Sea of ​​Galilee. MDA did not wait for the next event and launched the Sea-Bulance in order to save lives.
The Sea-Bulance opens more opportunities for Magen David Adom to be constantly prepared as the only national medical emergency service.

Legacy Mission 2018

Sunday 3rd – Friday 8th June 2018

Each year, legacies to Magen David Adom are directly responsible for saving the lives of thousands of people in Israel.

This year, Magen David Adom UK is delighted to offer an incredible and insightful FREE 5-day legacy mission to Israel. You will visit some of Israel’s most beautiful sights and see the lifesaving work of Magen David Adom along the way.

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MDA Across the Regions

Regional support for Magen David Adom UK increased considerably in 2018 so far with the launch of three new regional committees – in Maidenhead, Isle of Man and Southend & Westcliff.

MDA UK has organised three inaugural events for the three new committees across the UK – dinners in Maidenhead and Isle of Man, and an Israeli Breakfast Club in Southend & Westcliff.

Professor Shinar, Director of MDA Blood Services in Israel, was present at each in order to raise awareness for MDA’s Capital Project – The National Blood & Logistics Centre – a partnership with the Israeli government, Israeli philanthropists and American Friends of MDA. 

MDA UK Chief Executive Daniel Burger commented: “It is incredible to see the support for MDA UK expand across the UK – from Jersey to Northern Scotland, we are geographically well covered – a real testament to the hard work of everyone involved in our organisation.”