By Tobi Lovv

In recent years, Magen David Adom (MDA), Israel’s only national medical emergency and blood service provider, has been forging strong ties with Christian communities in the United States,  United Kingdom and Africa. Despite its Jewish heritage, MDA’s commitment to saving lives irrespective of religious or ethnic backgrounds has resonated deeply with Christians, leading to a significant surge in support and recognition. This burgeoning partnership highlights the universal appeal of humanitarian values and the transformative impact of shared efforts in advancing the cause of humanity.

Magen David Adom, meaning “Red Shield of David,” has a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1930. Initially founded to serve the Jewish community in pre-state Israel, MDA has since evolved into the country’s primary emergency response organization, offering vital services such as ambulance assistance, blood donations, and disaster relief. Central to its ethos is the principle of providing aid without discrimination, encapsulated in its emblem, the Red Star of David, symbolizing compassion and solidarity.

What sets MDA apart and draws Christians in the US, UK and Africa towards its cause is its unwavering commitment to its humanitarian principles of saving lives. In a region often marked by political and religious tensions, MDA’s focus remains squarely on saving lives and alleviating suffering, transcending divisive narratives and fostering a sense of unity. Its dedicated teams work tirelessly to respond to emergencies, offering critical medical aid to anyone in need, regardless of their religious affiliation or nationality.

In the United Kingdom , Magen David Adom UK was established 75 years ago to primarily assist Magen David Adom in Israel. It has spent the last 18 years nurturing and developing its relations with the Christian communities in the UK and recently across Africa. In fact in 2006, Christian Friends of Magen David Adom (CFMDA) was founded by Christians wanting to support the nation of Israel. Today Reverend Mark Madeley sits as the President of the committee whos work has been so crucial to the success of MDA UK within the Christian communities across the UK

The growing support for Magen David Adom among Christians can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, MDA’s reputation for swift and effective emergency response has earned it admiration and trust worldwide. Whether during natural disasters, terrorist attacks, or medical crises, MDA’s teams are known for their professionalism and efficiency, instilling confidence in donors who see MDA as a reliable and impactful organization worthy of their support.

Secondly, MDA’s mission aligns closely with Christian values of charity and compassion. Christians view supporting MDA UK and therefore MDA as a tangible expression of their faith’s teachings, emphasizing the importance of aiding those in need and promoting the well-being of all individuals, regardless of their background. By contributing to MDA’s humanitarian efforts, Christians feel they are fulfilling their moral duty and actively participating in a global endeavor to alleviate suffering and promote healing.

 Moreover in the case of MDA UK, they have developed a  proactive outreach whose efforts have played a crucial role in cultivating relationships with Christian communities. Through educational initiatives, awareness campaigns, and partnerships with Christian organizations, MDA UK has been able to engage with a broader audience and showcase its impactful work on a global scale. This collaborative approach has helped bridge cultural and religious divides, fostering mutual understanding and solidarity among diverse communities.

Christine and Peter Darg’s of Jerusalem Channel and ardent supporters of MDA UK and have for many years been active in their support of the Jewish organization have donated a “Mule” (all terrain tractor) to the Old City of Jerusalem as well as numerous medicylcles and an ambulance.


Indeed the traditional and very well appreciated approach to answering to a real need is much needed but its not the only approach. A unique project that was recently done by Christian supporters of MDA was the renovation of an MDA station in Mas’ade. Lead by the incredible John Hemus, November 2021 saw a lightening visit to the town of Mas’ade. The northern Druze village has seen significant population increase over the past decade, with the MDA station becoming more important to both lifesaving and also to volunteering opportunities. Instead of donating money to assist the refurb, Hemus brought a group of builders, decorators, carpenters and helping hands to do the work themselves. Over the space of three days the station was given a makeover to leave it as good as new.

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The traditional and highly valued approach of addressing a genuine need is essential, but it’s not the sole method. An exceptional project undertaken by Christian supporters of MDA UK involved renovating an MDA station in Mas’ade. Spearheaded by the remarkable John Hemus, a quick visit to Mas’ade took place in November 2021. This northern Druze village has experienced a notable population growth over the last decade, making the MDA station increasingly vital for both life-saving purposes and volunteer opportunities. Instead of donating funds for the refurbishment, Hemus organized a team of builders, decorators, carpenters, and volunteers to complete the project themselves. In just three days, the station underwent a transformation, leaving it looking brand new.

MDA UK is honored to receive significant support from Christian Pentecostal communities across Africa, especially from the Redeemed Christian Church of God Worldwide (RCCG Worldwide), a Nigerian megachurch present in 197 countries with nearly 10 million followers. In 2023, RCCG generously donated two ambulances to MDA UK, adding to the four already contributed by the church’s leadership. Tobi Lovv plays a crucial role in establishing connections with Christian African communities, introducing them to impactful causes and fostering relationships with MDA UK.


Tobi emphasizes the importance of Jewish charities like Magen David Adom UK reaching out to Christian leaders, viewing it as a vital process. In Kenya, MDA UK is actively engaging with Christian communities and has formed a strong bond with Victory Faith Church (VFC), an outreach of Living Faith International, promoting dialogue and supporting Israel through this collaborative effort. This initiative enables them to fulfill their aspirations and strengthen their covenant by extending blessings to the Nation of Israel.

Most recently, MDA UK initiated its inaugural solidarity mission to Israel post-October 7th, and on March 1st, 2024, arrived with a group of 35 participants. This diverse delegation comprised both Jews and Christians, all ardent supporters of MDA UK and its life-saving endeavors. This unique mission fostered dialogue, understanding, and forged deep new relationships. For many Christian participants, it was particularly significant to offer solace to Israel during challenging times by being present and bearing witness. Barbara Dingle, MDA UK trustee expressed, “To all my Jewish friends, rest assured, you are not alone; we proudly stand alongside you – in Israel and in the UK.”

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The burgeoning partnership between Magen David Adom UK and Christian communities in the UK and Africa signifies more than just financial support; it embodies a shared commitment to humanity and the values that unite us all. By standing in solidarity with MDA UK’s mission, Christians are not only expressing support for the people of Israel but also affirming their dedication to universal principles of compassion, justice, and solidarity.

 As Magen David Adom UK continues to expand its reach and influence, its partnership with Christians serves as a powerful testament to the transformative potential of cooperation and empathy in addressing global challenges. Together, MDA, MDA UK  and its supporters are forging a path towards a more compassionate and interconnected world, where humanitarian action transcends religious and cultural boundaries, and the collective pursuit of saving lives knows no borders.