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“Acts of kindness never die”, Rabbi Sacks z”l – a Bloodmobile in memory of an inspirational leader

It is an honour and a privilege for Magen David Adom UK to partner with the Jewish News to crowdfund for a Bloodmobile in memory of Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks z”l.

Rabbi Sacks was an ardent supporter of Israel and a champion for Magen David Adom. On the day he was ennobled in 2009, Lord Sacks spoke at the MDA UK Fundraising Dinner and gave what was a stirring and memorable appeal.

MDA UK Board Member and then Dinner Chair, Nicholas Springer, recalls, “He attended our annual dinner on the day he was introduced to the House of Lords. He delivered the best appeal speech we ever heard. He is sorely missed by both within and outside our community and the bloodmobile we are dedicating in is memory will be a fitting tribute.”

Daniel Burger, MDA UK Chief Executive explains: “The bloodmobile will be the first of a new batch that are currently being manufactured in the US. At a cost of £135,000, the vehicle will transport MDA’s Blood Teams around the country to enable them to collect some of the 1,100 blood units each day that keeps Israel’s blood supply full.  80% of Israel’s blood supplies are collected remotely rather than at an MDA facility and the current fleet is up to 19 years old and some are close to being beyond economic repair.  In addition, as Israel’s population and tourist population grows, MDA needs to increase its blood inventory in line with this growth and therefore these new vehicles play an essential part in this growth.”

“The global Magen David Adom family is honoured to be part of this fundraising campaign. Nothing will give us more pride than seeing a bloodmobile on the streets of Israel bearing the name of Rabbi Lord Sacks and saving lives.” – Daniel Burger, Chief Executive of Magen David Adom UK

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MDA UK 2009 Dinner – Former MDA UK Chair, Stuart Glyn, Lord Sacks z”l and MDA UK Board Member, Nicholas Springer

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Magen David Adom Bloodmobile

138MDA Dinner

MDA UK 2009 Dinner – Lord Sacks z”l & Lady Sacks with Stuart Glyn