Our Treks and Missions manager Michelle Rosenberg went to visit Rahat last week; here is what she learnt during her trip:

“Rahat is the world’s largest Bedouin city, with a population of around 70,000. The visit was a short one – to highlight the incredible work being done out of the MDA Rahat station – the focus of the 2019 Trekker fundraising challenge. During my short time there, I felt so lucky to see first hand what an incredible community Rahat are.

I wanted to show the effect of the station on the community. And I found out the two are one and the same. The crew have made the station the hub of the community. The MDA Rahat station is all about family. The people I’ve met have humbled me. They save lives every single day. The Rahat crew looks after 70,000 people in Rahat and beyond. Their crews include Jews and Bedouin. They help everyone – regardless of race, religion or creed. That is MDA.

My Week in Rahat

 I met with Alaah Alhozul, the heart and soul of the station; senior EMT Malek Abu Grara, EMT Dalia (just 19 years old), Senior EMT Ameen, and Guy Sade, the Head of the Station. I also met with Josh Weinstein, originally from Hendon and Wurud, the first female Bedouin ambulance driver.”