Magen David Adom reported last week (7th January) that it has completed the first round of vaccinations in all of the country’s nursing home and elderly-care facilities, making Israel the first country in the world to provide phase 1 vaccinations to all its nursing home patients.

This week, the second round of vaccinations will begin, during which residents and employees will receive the second and final dose.

MDA teams with extensive experience with elderly populations have undergone special training in preparation for the vaccination programme.

“This is an important day when the elderly, parents, grandparents — people who are in a high-risk group and a top priority in terms of vaccination — receive the first vaccine,” said Eli Bin, Magen David Adom’s Director General.

“With dedication, professionalism, and speed, Israel is at the forefront of the vaccinating countries and a leader in the field the world over, and I sincerely hope that soon the vaccination programme will expand to the entire population”

“Together we will defeat the coronavirus and return to our daily routine. Magen David Adom, as the national rescue organisation, will continue to be at the forefront of the fight against the spread of coronavirus.” said Eli Bin.