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Tuesday 13th April | 6pm UK time 

Join us for a great webinar with Colonel Richard Kemp CBE who will discuss his experiences combatting terrorism, including recent military operations in Gaza and in the West Bank.

Colonel Richard Kemp CBE has spent most of his life combating terrorism and insurgency in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Balkans and Northern Ireland, where he was wounded in a terrorist attack. 

He has been named on an Al Qaida death list.

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Colonel Kemp has been involved in direction of national policy at the highest level; in the British Prime Minister’s Office heading the international terrorism intelligence team and chairman of the intelligence group in the UK national crisis management committee COBRA.

Having been present during recent military operations in Gaza and in the West Bank, he has vigorously defended the State of Israel and its armed forces at the United Nations, at several national legislatures including the US Congress, and in international media.