At Magen David Adom, we know that speed is critical. The faster we arrive at the scene of an emergency, the more lives we can save. As Israel’s only National Medical Emergency Service, running a fleet of 1,716 Ambulances, Mobile intensive Care Units and Medicycles, every second counts.

From the moment our call centres receive a 101 call, the clock is ticking, a delay in any part of the process will have an impact, sometimes critical. Time is the difference between life and death.

This is why we have trained and developed an army of 23,800 volunteers, working tirelessly together to save lives across the length and breadth of Israel. This is why we have over 7,500 First Responders, waiting for the call wherever and whenever it comes. 

This is why we need your support. 

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Every donation we receive helps save more lives. From bandages in a kit bag to the new National Blood & Logistics Centre, soon to be completed in Ramla – every pound raised makes a real, tangible difference to those who really need it. 

Please support Magen David Adom today. Every Second Counts