The current humanitarian disaster in Lebanon has been described as the worst in the country’s history. The explosion in Beirut’s port has killed at least 200 people with thousands more injured. Three hospitals were destroyed and two more damaged. Medicine warehouses in the area have been decimated by the massive explosion, leaving clinics across the country short of essential resources.

Magen David Adom UK, through its ongoing collaboration with International Health Partners (IHP), is in a position to help in the response. Magen David Adom UK together with IHP is in the process of shipping significant amounts of medicines to Lebanon. The pharmaceuticals have all been donated as part of a ‘Gi s-in-Kind’ programme that has already seen tens of millions of pounds of lifesaving drugs distributed to countries in crisis. Magen David Adom UK needs to raise £70,000 of dedicated funds to facilitate the immediate shipment and delivery of pharmaceuticals to the people of Lebanon through IHP’s in-country partner. Seven containers of medicines and supplies belonging to this partner at the port were destroyed in the blast.