Sadly, the situation in Israel continues to escalate, with the total number of rockets aimed at Israel now exceeding 1,700. Whilst the incredible Iron Dome has intercepted most, numerous have hit the country and Magen David Adom EMTs and Paramedics have been non-stop responding to casualties.

Since the start of the missile attacks on 10th May, MDA EMTs and Paramedics have treated over 500 injured civilians and pronounced seven people dead (correct as of 14th May). 
Whilst responding to emergency calls, MDA teams and ambulances have been attacked with stones, clubs and metal bats. Magen David Adom is a member of the International Committee of the Red Cross, who save all lives – no matter when, where or whose life they save. 
As part of Magen David Adom’s high-level alert response, blood supplies have been increased to hospitals across the country, with 650 units of blood and blood components having been provided so far. 
“We urge any Brits currently in Israel, eligible to give blood, to please do so.” – Daniel Burger, Chief Executive of Magen David Adom UK
As the sirens continue to sound and the country remains on red alert, our colleagues in Israel are continuing to work 24/7 to keep Israelis safe. 
In support of the MDA teams in Israel who are risking their lives every minute of every day, MDA UK is running an emergency appeal to fund two new Mobile Intensive Care Units that are available to begin their lifesaving efforts with immediate effect.
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