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Tuesday 27th April | 6pm UK time 

Join us for an enthralling webinar with Dr Imke Gielen, lawyer for the restitution of lost art.

In her work as a private lawyer, Dr Imke Gielen has represented many clients whose family lost assets during the Nazi-period because of their Jewish origin. Since 1999, her work has extended to representing clients in their efforts to recover stolen art works vis-à-vis museums in Germany and other European countries, the U.S. and Canada as well as the Israel Museum. 

Imke worked on behalf of MDA to trace the lost art collection of Harry Fuld, an industrialist who lost everything to the Nazis. Fuld left his entire estate to his housekeeper, Gisela Martin, who in her Will, left the ‘di Paolo’ panels from his impressive art collection to MDA UK, which sold for an incredible £7.5m. Imke said: “The French had absolutely no written evidence that the true owner of Le Mur Rose was Harry Fuld. “Restitution is a painstaking task. The research is very difficult. It’s very satisfying to complete it because these are not normal legal cases. This is a fitting conclusion.”

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