Two unique treks took place in October and November which collectively saw a phenomenal amount fundraised for a brand new Mobile Intensive Care Unit and two medicycles – a combined amount of £100k.

The trekking missions comprised of 39 brave individuals in October and 20 in November, with several veteran trekkers from previous years. In 5 days they crammed site visits to MDA facilities, grueling trekking in the North and South of Israel and taking part in ambulance shifts.

Both missions began by visiting MDA facilities such as the current National Blood Services and the site of the protected Blood Center and Logistics center, which is currently under construction in Ramla. Trekkers then continued to the MDA National Medical Dispatch where they gained insight into the technology developed and used by MDA. They met with Senior MDA officials including MDA’s Deputy Director General of Blood Services, Prof. Eilat Shinar and Chief Financial Officer Alon Fridman. The group joined spectator shifts on MDA’s Intensive Care Units and ambulances throughout central Israel and witnessed firsthand the lifesaving work of the volunteers and workers of the organization.

The MDA UK Trek challenge is a one of a kind experience where participants can enjoy Israel in a unique way all while contributing towards the wonderful cause of lifesaving in Israel and seeing exactly how their funds are making a huge difference. MDA thanks the UK Trekkers for their hard work and support and look forward to welcoming them and new trekkers in future trekking adventures.

2018 Trekkers Raise a Grand Total of £100k
2018 Trekkers Raise a Grand Total of £100k

“Trekking in Israel this year for Magen David Adom was an experience I will never ever forget. From visiting the Blood Centre and the Dispatch Centre, to racing through Jerusalem at dawn with the sirens blaring, we were able to truly see the real work that this incredible charity does. The trekking was not easy. It was hot and tough but very worthwhile and the friendships made along the way will last a lifetime.” Nikki Cohen – October Trek 2018

“Was very sad waving goodbye to my newfound friends yesterday. I spent the afternoon reflecting on the past 6 special days and everything and everyone I had met. I would just like to add a huge thank you to each and everyone for your friendship, coffees, glasses of wine and arm to hold on the dark walks home.  I love what we have achieved and look forward to seeing you all soon.” Sandra Brown, November 2018 ‘Walkie Talkie’ Trek