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Every pound you give towards the National Blood & Logistics Centre will be doubled! 

The new National Blood & Logistics Centre in Ramla is now set for completion this coming spring. When completethe facility will double Israel’s blood processing capacity and protect its blood against missile, chemical and biological attack. This is vital in protecting Israel’s blood supply for the future.

The funding for this project has been a genuine three-way partnership between MDA UK, the Government of Israel, and the American Friends of MDA, at a total cost of $135m.

The Marcus Foundation has very generously donated a $10million matching grant to ensure the completion of Magen David Adom’s new National Blood & Logistics Centre in Ramla. With this latest gift from the Marcus Foundation, we hope to quickly raise the remaining funds to match the grant and enable the completion of the project. 

“The generosity of the Marcus Foundation is extraordinary and their gift will allow our supporters to have a huge impact on this landmark Magen David Adom project – helping our colleagues in Israel to save more lives.” – Daniel Burger, Chief Executive MDA UK

The facility will be operated by Magen David Adom, Israel’s only Medical Emergency and Blood Service. While MDA is best known for operating Israel’s ambulances and deploying the country’s paramedics, it also oversees the collection, safety-testing, and distribution of Israel’s blood supply for use by hospitals and the Israel Defence Forces.

The six-story building will have its three lower floors underground in successively more shielded levels to protect the blood supply and enable Magen David Adom’s haematologists, laboratory technicians, phlebotomists, and other blood-centre employees to continue working, even when rockets are being launched at the country from Gaza or elsewhere.

“There are few things more important to Israel’s future than seeing this project to fruition. Blood is life.” – Prof. Eilat Shinar, Deputy Director-General and Director of Blood Services for Magen David Adom.

Magen David Adom UK is so close to fulfilling our commitment to raise $10m towards the new Centre. And now, every pound you give towards the facility will doubled. There’s never been a better time to give!

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