The Future of Life Saving is in Your Hands

The Future of Life Saving is in Your Hands

After five years of construction, the new £90m National Blood & Logistics Centre is nearing completion, which will be mid-2021. When complete, the facility will double Israel’s blood processing capacity and protect its blood against missile, chemical and biological attack. This is vital in protecting Israel’s blood supply for the future. 

Magen David Adom UK is privileged to be able to offer its supporters the opportunity to be part of this incredible Project, by helping us with the finishing touches; sponsoring a mezuzah to be affixed to one of the door frames within the Centre. 

The mezuzot have been commissioned and designed especially for this Project. The cost is £1,800 per mezuzah and donors will not only be recognised on a dedicated commemorative wall within the building, but they will also receive a limited-edition replica mezuzah for themselves.

Opportunities like these, to get involved in what is one of Israel’s landmark constructions, do not present themselves often.

For more information, please call Natalie Feldman on 020 8201 5900 or email




When Every Second Counts… So Does Every Pound

At Magen David Adom, we know that speed is critical. The faster we arrive at the scene of an emergency, the more lives we can save. As Israel’s only National Medical Emergency Service, running a fleet of 1,716 Ambulances, Mobile intensive Care Units and Medicycles, every second counts.

From the moment our call centres receive a 101 call, the clock is ticking, a delay in any part of the process will have an impact, sometimes critical. Time is the difference between life and death.

This is why we have trained and developed an army of 23,800 volunteers, working tirelessly together to save lives across the length and breadth of Israel. This is why we have over 7,500 First Responders, waiting for the call wherever and whenever it comes. 

This is why we need your support. 

Every donation we receive helps save more lives. From bandages in a kit bag to the new National Blood & Logistics Centre, soon to be completed in Ramla – every pound raised makes a real, tangible difference to those who really need it. 

Please support Magen David Adom today. Every Second Counts

Lebanon Humanitarian Crisis


The current humanitarian disaster in Lebanon has been described as the worst in the country’s history. The explosion in Beirut’s port has killed at least 200 people with thousands more injured. Three hospitals were destroyed and two more damaged. Medicine warehouses in the area have been decimated by the massive explosion, leaving clinics across the country short of essential resources.


Magen David Adom UK, through its ongoing collaboration with International Health Partners (IHP), is in a position to help in the response. Magen David Adom UK together with IHP is in the process of shipping significant amounts of medicines to Lebanon. The pharmaceuticals have all been donated as part of a ‘Gi s-in-Kind’ programme that has already seen tens of millions of pounds of lifesaving drugs distributed to countries in crisis. Magen David Adom UK needs to raise £70,000 of dedicated funds to facilitate the immediate shipment and delivery of pharmaceuticals to the people of Lebanon through IHP’s in-country partner. Seven containers of medicines and supplies belonging to this partner at the port were destroyed in the blast.


To support this specific appeal and help the people in Lebanon click below to donate.


Thank you for your interest in the Magen David Adom UK Israel360Jordan Trek. As it stands this event is going ahead. We are working closely with Magen David Adom in Israel and the various government ministries and closely monitoring the Coronavirus situation.

Of course, should the trek be cancelled or it is deemed unwise to participate on health grounds, Magen David Adom UK will reimburse the registration fee in full or hold it over for a rearranged date, whichever you prefer.

As you will no doubt have seen, MDA in Israel is at the forefront of the Coronavirus response. Our colleagues have worked endlessly and tirelessly to protect the people of Israel. We all hope that, come November, we will be able to see their incredible work close-up.


Israel360Jordan is a ground-breaking trek that will take you under the skin of a country that you think you know and across the border into a country you’ve never had the opportunity to know. 

Israel360Jordan is the ultimate challenge. Sign up today and leave your comfort zone behind here 

The trek will take place on 7th – 14th November 2020 and you can view the Trek Info Pack here.



70th Anniversary Dinner Raises £2.5M

We were delighted to welcome nearly 400 guests to our 70th Anniversary Dinner on Monday 25th November at the newly renovated ballroom at the Marriott Grosvenor Square. A staggering £2.5m was raised on the night.

Donors had the opportunity to explore the kitted- out ambulance and medicycle situated in the ballroom. The ambulance was generously donated by Alan Rind in honour of HRH Prince William’s visit to Israel.

Guest speaker, Noam Gershony told guests about how MDA “saved my life” when his Apache helicopter collided with another helicopter during the 2006 Lebanon War. No-one thought that the then 23-year-old would survive.

Incredibly, Noam rehabilitated and went on to win Israel’s first gold medal in the men’s singles quad tennis tournament at the 2012 London Paralympics. An emotional Noam said: “I owe my life to MDA – the guarding angels of the people in Israel.” Noam received a standing ovation by all in the room.

Star of BBC’s Live at the Apollo, ground-breaking ventriloquist, Nina Conti, provided some light entertainment later into the night.

Speaking after the event, MDA UK Chief Executive Daniel Burger said: “It was incredible to hear about the lifesaving work that MDA does through Noam’s experience and to have HRH’s ambulance in the room really conveyed how important MDA’s work is. We are so thankful to our incredible donors who enable us to save lives in Israel, here’s to another fantastic 70 years ahead of saving more lives.”

Israel 360 Trekkers raise £85K

The inaugural ‘Israel360’ challenge took place between 9th-14th November.

18 Magen David Adom UK supporters trekked across Israel and raised in excess of £85,000. The money raised will go towards rebuilding the MDA Ambulance Station at Rahat. The Rahat Mobile Intensive Care Unit (MICU) provides backup to MDA’s Be’er Sheva station, especially during cases of rocket fire from Gaza or terror attacks in the city.

The importance of this new Ambulance Station was unfortunately very apparent to the trekkers. There were red alerts and sirens heard across the country as rockets and missiles were fired from Gaza.

The trek included tours of the Blood Centre at Tel Hashomer, a visit to the new Logistics Centre in Ramla, where they saw the progress in the building works of this very special project, an overnight stay in Bedouin tents, a hike in the Ramon Crater, climbing Masada and all 18 trekkers took part in ambulance shifts. Trekkers also dedicated a MICU in Be’er Sheva that was bought with the money raised by the 2018 trekkers. 

All participants got under the skin of Israel as they visited MDA UK projects and saw the work of medics, paramedics and volunteers up close. They visited the Logistics Centre in Ramla and saw the huge progress in the building works of this very special project.

Trekker, Suzi West said it was an “absolutely humbling experience to meet the MDA teams on the ground and truly understand why we must go back and spread the word”.

On his return, MDA UK Chief Executive Daniel Burger said: “As we climbed Masada, much of Israel was running into bomb shelters. Sadly, there was no better time for the trekkers to witness the importance of Magen David Adom’s work. It was a source of immense pride to witness first-hand how MDA responds and saves lives.”

To find out more about Israel360 in 2020 email

An audience with the President

On a flying visit to London at the end of November, board members and donors of Magen David Adom UK had the honour to meet the President of Israel, Reuven Rivlin in an intimate gathering in London.

The President discussed the various ongoing projects that MDA UK is currently supporting and was given an update on fundraising efforts for the new National Blood and Logistics Centre in Ramla.

President Rivlin reiterated his acknowledgement of the outstanding work of MDA, making special mention of the values and ethos that run through the organisation. As he furthers his own plans for a more socially cohesive society, he lauded MDA as a beacon for the good that is brought by diversity and inclusivity. This was echoed with the gift presented to the President, a specially commissioned photo book highlighting the varied people and backgrounds that make up MDA today.

President Rivlin also underlined the courage of all the medics, paramedics and 22,000 volunteers, no matter what the situation. It was clear that Magen David Adom is an organisation close to President Rivlin’s heart. He even told MDA UK supporters that, in Israel, there are two sets of three letters that keep the country safe. One being ‘I.D.F.’ and the other, ‘M.D.A.’

As well as incoming MDA UK Chair, Russell Jacobs, Chief Executive, Daniel Burger and numerous board members and donors, Eli Bin, the Director General of Magen David Adom in Israel, was also present. Bin had been in Paris the night before for a local fundraising event and travelled to London en route back to Israel.

President Rivlin closed the meeting by personally thanking Magen David Adom UK’s staff, lay leadership and donors for their hard work and dedication. The President commented that, without this support, Magen David Adom would not be able to save lives across the length and breadth of Israel.

Israel 360

Following on from the success of 2018, which saw 60 trekkers raise funds for Magen David Adom in Israel, MDA UK’s trek has now evolved to Israel360!

Israel 360 will take you under the skin of a country that you think you know, giving you exclusive access to people and places that you wouldn’t normally get the opportunity to meet or visit.

Israel 360 is the ultimate Israel challenge. Sign up today and leave your comfort zone behind!

To find out more download our information pack here or register for Israel360 (taking place 9-14 November), please click here

To view the itinerary please click here

“Trekking in Israel this year for Magen David Adom was an experience I will never ever forget. From visiting the Blood Centre and the Dispatch Centre, to racing through Jerusalem at dawn with the sirens blaring, we were able to truly see the real work that this incredible charity does. The trekking was not easy. It was hot and tough but very worthwhile and the friendships made along the way will last a lifetime.” Nikki Cohen – October Trek 2018

“Was very sad waving goodbye to my newfound friends yesterday. I spent the afternoon reflecting on the past 6 special days and everything and everyone I had met. I would just like to add a huge thank you to each and everyone for your friendship, coffees, glasses of wine and arm to hold on the dark walks home.  I love what we have achieved and look forward to seeing you all soon.” Sandra Brown, November 2018 ‘Walkie Talkie’ Trek

For any further information please contact or call 020 8201 5900.

Legacy Trip

On 5th May, a group of 12 people set off from London on our annual Legacy mission to Israel.

Starting off in Jerusalem, the group visited Yad Vashem followed by the Israel Museum. Ido showed everyone around the MDA Bloomberg station and explained all about how the simulation room and call centre works. The group also visited the Milk Bank, ending their time in Jerusalem with a tour around the Old City.

The Legacy team travelled over to Tiberias and saw one of the helipads and Magen David Adom helicopters. Following this the team visited UK donated station; Sachnin which was donated by Lennie Lass.

The team was fortunate enough to be in Israel over Yom Hazikaron and Yom Ha’atzmaut and attended a Remembrance Day service for the fallen soldiers in Haifa together with the American friends of MDA. It was a very moving and special experience for everyone.

Being in Israel on Yom Ha’atzmaut is quite a privilege. The group witnessed the Israeli Air Force flying in procession from the beach of Tel Aviv. The trip concluded with a visit to the Palmach museum and listened to 12 different stories from Palmach soldiers talking about their life, battles and family.

Throughout this whole trip, every person gained an in-depth view of what how Magen David Adom means to Israel and how they are saving lives so regularly in more ways than one. Being involved with Magen David Adom legacies really is something very special and important. It makes a life changing impact on the people of Israel.

To find out more information about our Magen David Adom Legacies, please contact