Volunteers need £2m to save lives for nothing

Magen David Adom UK has launched its annual Rosh Hashanah campaign with a focus on raising £2m to fund the work of the organisation’s volunteers in Israel.

There are 13,600 people working for Magen David Adom in Israel of which a staggering 12,000 are volunteers. The total cost to run Magen David Adom is £40m per year. A figure that would be 5 times bigger were it not for the legion of volunteers that make Magen David Adom Israel’s largest volunteer organisation. At a cost of just £2m per year, this incredible life-saving workforce can be trained and equipped to do everything from attending to a heart-attack victim in Kiryat Shemona to being first on the scene at a terror attack in Jerusalem.

They give their time for nothing but the gauzes, first-aid kits, defibrillators, stretchers and other medical equipment that is so essential to them, comes at a cost. A donation to Magen David Adom UK of just £50 is enough to replenish the contents of the Basic Life Support kit each month. £100 pays for the Advanced version used by volunteer paramedics and doctors.

Our volunteers are ordinary people making an extraordinary contribution. You can do the same.

To support our appeal, click here and to find out more about volunteers click here.

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