Magen David Adom UK to cover all bills for Holocaust survivors

Outgoing Magen David Adom UK Chair, Mr. Stuart Glyn, has announced that the organisation will from now underwrite all MDA-related costs incurred by Holocaust survivors living in Israel. The move, which was announced at the organisation’s Annual Fundraising Dinner last night (Wednesday 5th October 2011), will benefit over 240,000 survivors (over half of whom live in dire financial circumstances). At present, their costs are covered by a combination of insurance and personal contributions. However, with the average Survivor spending over half of their income on health care, the move is aimed to ensure that those who survived the Shoah do not die in poverty in Israel.

The move follows the lead set by the UK’s Ambassador to Israel earlier this year. The Holocaust Survivors’ Appeal, launched by HE Matthew Gould, was established to fight the loneliness that afflicts many Survivors.

Writing from Tel Aviv, Ambassador Gould further endorsed the campaign.

“Magen David Adom UK’s decision to underwrite the ambulance costs for all Holocaust survivors in Israel is a wonderful gesture. On Yom HaShoah this year I appealed to the Jewish community in the UK for help to look after survivors in Israel. I have been touched and delighted by the response. We owe it to the survivors to ensure that they live out their lives inn comfort and dignity. Today’s announcement by Magen David Adom UK is an important step towards that goal.”

Speaking at the dinner Mr. Glyn said, “When we were presented with the situation faced by Holocaust Survivors in Israel today the solution was clear and, in many ways, non-negotiable. To survive the horrors of Nazi Germany only to be faced, some 66 years later, with a struggle to pay for the most basic of medical services is, quite frankly, untenable. Magen David Adom UK will do everything it can to ensure that, whenever the State and insurance companies cannot cover the costs, we will. Our remit is to save more lives in Israel. This move will remove the burden of stress on hundreds of thousands of Survivors so that they can truly LIVE the last days of their lives in comfort and dignity.”

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