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Baron Cohen dedicates medicycles to MDA – RESPECT!

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On Thursday 15th June, Daniella Baron Cohen, mother of world-renowned comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, accomplished musician Erran Baron Cohen and specialist in computer sciences, Amnon Baron Cohen, dedicated two medicycles to MDA. Mrs Baron Cohen did not have to look far for inspiration when deciding on a quote to place on the back of the vehicle, and opted for one of her son Sacha’s more uncontroversial slogans – “Respect!”, as made famous by his character, Ali G.

The dedication ceremony took place at The Carlton hotel in Tel Aviv and was well attended by Daniella’s family and friends, as well as representatives from MDA in Israel, including former MDA President and now Israeli Friends of MDA Board Member, Professor Yehuda Skornick. Although he could not be there, Sacha made a video which was played honouring his father’s life.  Erran, who joined his mother at the reception, played some of his father’s favourite songs on the keyboard.

The dedication further cemented the close connection between the family and Magen David Adom as Daniella’s brother, Gil Weiser, was the founder of Israeli Friends of Magen David Adom and still serves on their board today. The organisation was established to encourage Israelis to donate to MDA whilst educating them that MDA is not Government funded. The pair dedicated one medicycle in memory of their late father, and the other in memory of Daniella’s husband, Gerald.

Appreciation of the hard work and generosity displayed by the Baron Cohen and Weiser families was expressed by MDA UK’s CEO Daniel Burger: “We are so grateful to the Baron Cohen and Weiser families for their philanthropy and dedication to Magen David Adom. We look forward to seeing the medicycles flying through the streets of Israel, helping to save lives.”