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 August, 2015 CFMDA at Jersey – Daniel Burger (MDA CEO) and Barbara Dingle (London Executive) were delighted to meet Christians from nine different churches in Jersey with a heart for Israel.

Thank you to Alan and Jane Ferguson for hosting such a wonderful event!

Douglas Boffey is hiking the East Highland Way and the Speyside Way for CFMDA

CFMDA UK would like to Thank Douglas Boffey who will walk the East Highland Way ( and the Speyside Way ( in Scotland during September to support CFMDA’s work.

Douglas Says “I am in my late 40s. I really enjoy walking, and I have done a number of long distance walks, including the Pennine Way, West Highland Way, Cape Wrath Trail, among others. It is good to see organisations like Magen David Adom trying to help people from whatever background, often in very difficult situations, and with a 90% voluntary staffing. May God continue to bless the work of MDA”

If you would like to support his challenge and CFMDA’s work, please make a donation at:

Also, If you would like to participate in a challenge to support MDA’s work please get in touch with Carolina,

July, 2015 CFMDA at Poole – A Night to Honour Israel 

Thanks to Margaret and Les Burbidge for inviting CFMDA UK to their event A Night to Honour Israel at the Lighthouse theatre in Poole. It was a remarkable evening with over 250 Christian Supporters of Israel and also representatives of the Bournemouth Jewish Community.

July, 2015 Helen Darrell has completed Rock & Roll Liverpool half Marathon for CFMDA 

A BIG thank you to Helen Darrell for completing Rock&Roll Liverpool half marathon and for raising money for Christian Friends of Magen David Adom lifesaving work

Helen says “It was a great day and all my family and some friends came to support me, including my 8 year old twin daughters! I am very blessed”

Thank you Helen!

June, 2015 CFMDA at Southampton: John Harrold, (CFMDA Executive in Wales) sharing our work with more than 100 attendees  at ICEJ UK Southern Conference in Southampton, June – Millbrook Christian Centre

CFMDA Mission in January 2015 

Christian Friends of Magen David Adom UK Innagurated the Renovated Forward Emergency Room in Kiryat Shmona & an Ambulance in Carmiel

 “You are always in our thoughts and hearts” stated with pride Reverend Mark Madeley, President of Christian Friends of Magen David Adom UK (CFMDA UK) which is part of the Friends of MDA Society in the UK, as he stood in front of the participants at the inauguration ceremony of the newly renovated Forward Emergency Room in Kiryat Shemona achieved thanks to generous funds collected by Christians Friends of MDA from different communities across England. “It’s wonderful to see many friends of Israel providing so much service and vital support to saving more lives” added Daniel Burger, MDA UK CEO.

On Wednesday the 7th of January2015, during a stormy and cold week, a special mission of 19 CFMDA UK & Exploit Ministries participants along with the MDA UK CEO & representatives, workers and volunteers from the MDA Yarden Region and Kiryat Shmona station, Directors of the MDA Medical Division, representatives of the MDA directorate and of the MDA Building and Assets department, and the management of the MDA Yarden Region, gathered together to celebrate the inauguration of the renovated Forward Emergency Room in the Kiryat Shmona MDA station.  Today the ER is operated by Magen David Adom, Israel’s national emergency medical service and rescue organization.

“When we save lives in Israel – You are here alongside us – for this I and all the workers and volunteers and residents of Kiryat Shmona and the area thank you.  Thanks to your generous contributions this newly renovated and technologically advanced ER will assist us to save many lives together!”  Said Shimon Abutbul, the Director of the Upper Galilee Region and the MDA Kiryat Shmona station, to all the participants of the CFMDA UK mission.

Following the exciting ceremony in Kiryat Shmona the mission continued to celebrate another occasion at the Carmiel MDA station located within the Asher MDA Region.  Together with the founder of CFMDA UK, Norman Feingold, today a resident of Netanya, the mission participants dedicated the Asher 902 ambulance serving the city of Carmiel which was donated at the end of 2014 from contributions raised over the last several years.

“On behalf of the Asher MDA Region and the people of Carmiel, I thank you for this gift, we appreciate and cherish your hard work and devotion in UK for us and for the nation of Israel” said Rahamim Sidis, Director of the MDA Asher Region, to the mission.

Christian Friends of Magen David Adom were delighted to be joined by members of Exploits Ministries as we went to Israel for the dedications of our latest projects in January 2015 by Mark Madeley CFMDA President 
You can read the full article here:
Mark Madeley CFMDA.  


CFMDA Ambulance Dedication at Karmiel, Israel

What is CFMDA ?

Christian Friends of Magen David Adom (CFMDA) is an organisation of Christians whose faith leads them to stand with Israel in obedience to the Lord.

After a chance meeting with Norman Feingold, who worked enthusiastically for the regional side of Magen David Adom UK, a small group of Christians were asked to form a Christian Friends group.

Their initial aim was to provide an ambulance to be deployed in Israel with the words “Christian Friends of Magen David Adom UK” written on the side. This has now been done and two such ambulances and a bloodmobile are now in service. This has served as a witness to the people of Israel that a group of Christians are standing with them during what is a most difficult time in their history. Through their good work the CFMDA group wants to alter the perceptions of Christians and the Christian faith and demonstrate that everyone can work together.

What is Magen David Adom ?

Magen David Adom is Israel’s only Medical Emergency Service and Blood Bank. It is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation which depends on donors from across the world. As a member of the International Red Cross, it is the Israeli Red Cross Organisation.

For 60 years, Magen David Adom UK has been supporting the livesaving work of the thousands of volunteers and paramedics in Israel. Through funds raised in the UK, we have built stations, purchased medical supplies and so much more.

CFMDA’s First two Ambulances

The first ambulance was dedicated at MDA Tiberias on Monday 2nd July 2008 at a ceremony which was attended by 80 people, many of whom had travelled especially from the UK. The dedication took place in temperatures of around 100 farenheit and the hospitality shown by MDA Tiberias was much appreciated by those who attended. The first ambulance is stationed at MDA Kfar Saba.

The second ambulance followed fairly quickly and was dedicated in Bolton on Thursday 10th September 2009 to coincide with a visit to the UK by MDA paramedic Sarah Cascella who addressed those present and who thanked the Christian Friends for their generous donation. The second ambulance is stationed at MDA Nazareth.

CFMDA Bloodmobile

Having now donated two ambulances, the CFMDA Executive decided to donate a Bloodmobile to MDA Israel. These vehicles tour Israel collecting badly needed blood from offices, schools, kibbutzim etc and help collect the 300,000 units of blood required by Israel every year.

The dedication took place on 14th April 2011 at Kingsway Christian Fellowship in Liverpool. It was well supported by 140 members of both the Jewish and Christian communities in Liverpool and the North West of the UK.

Between 1/11/2010 and 10/11/2011 some 8,116 units of blood were collected by the CFMDA bloodmobile, that is 2.5% of the total blood units collected that year in Israel.

Who is involved with CFMDA in the UK

Norman Feingold
Responsible for CFMDA
Mob: 00 972542838087
Tel:  0097298341672
It was his brainchild way back in 2007. He has a 60 year history of fundraising in the UK and is now living in Israel where he volunteers for Christian Friends around the world.

Reverend Mark Madeley
President of CFMDA
Tel: 01934 620156
Formerly lived and work in the Halifax area of West Yorkshire but now lives and works in Weston super Mare. He is also a patron of Anglicans for Israel and runs a travel company taking people to Israel.

Alan Chester
Kingsway Christian Fellowship Christian Centre
Church Road Waterloo, Liverpool, L22 5NA.
Tel: 0151 920 5111
Is very much involved with Kingsway Christian Fellowship in Liverpool where many fund-raising activities take place for CFMDA.

Jean Brannigan
Executive member in the Scotland

John Harrold
Executive in Wales


Barbara Dingle

Executive member in London & the South East
Mob 07770 348061

Carolina Garcia Marengo 
CFMDA Fundraiser
Tel: 0208 201 5900

Our Current CFMDA Project –  CFMDA UK’s fourth Ambulance 

We feel the right thing to do is to continue to raise money for another ambulance, which will cost £50.000. As MDA ambulances have a life span of around seven years, there is always a need for new ones and I guess it will not take long as the donations are still coming. We are extremely grateful to you. Your generosity has already meant that the current serving CFMDA UK ambulances continue to save countless lives each year.

How do I join CFMDA and make a donation ?

You can phone the office on 020 8201 5900 and make a donation by Credit Card over the telephone.

You can go to the MDA UK website on , go to ‘Make a Donation’ and select ‘CFMDA’ as the area you wish your donation to go to.

Finally, you can send a donation to:

CFMDA, Shield House, London, NW4 2BZ

Tel: 020 8201 5900.  E-mail:


Fundraise for us!

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Also To order a CFMDA Charity (“tzedaka”) Box, please contact the MDA UK at Shield House who will be delighted to send one to you.







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